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  • Credentialing
    IPN sets the standard for network participation
    IPN is responsible for credentialing all network providers, facilities, and ancillary entities. The credentialing process has been certified to meet NCQA requirements and complies with state and federal statutes as well.

    IPN conducts an extensive performance review as part of the credentialing process. As part of this process, IPN solicits information from various resources including national certifying boards, appropriate state licensing boards, the Office of the Inspector General Exclusions list, the National Practitioner Data Bank and other sources as required. Providers are not considered participating in the network until after the credentialing and contracting processes are complete.

    Credentialing through IPN ensures the highest performance standards for members and simplifies the payor qualification process for providers. Network providers complete only one application to cover all IPN contracted payors.

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    Ensuring the ongoing integrity of the IPN network
    Recredentialing is the review process for determining the continued eligibility of an IPN participating provider. Providers are required to recredential, a least, every 36 months. A recredentialing application is sent out to the provider at least thirty days prior to the expiration of the last credentialing date. The application must be completed and submitted to IPN along with all supporting documentation before the expiration date. Failure to comply with the recredentialing requirement may result in immediate termination as an approved IPN network provider.

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    IPN respects your rights as a provider
    Applicants have the right, upon request, subject to policies and procedures, to be informed of the status of their application. The Credentialing Department will make every effort to provide status at the time of request and, if unable, will respond by telephone or in writing within 3 working days.

    Applicants have the right to revise, supplement, or correct erroneous information to the credentialing and recredentialing applications. This may be done at the practitioner’s discovery or if deficiencies are discovered during the verification process by IPN. The practitioner will be notified of the discrepancies by telephone, email or written correspondence. The practitioner will have 30 days to respond. After 30 days, if no response is received, the application will be withdrawn from the review process. When additional information is provided by the practitioner within the 30 days but continues to fall short of meeting criteria requirement(s), the practitioner will be notified by telephone, email, or written correspondence, allowing the practitioner an additional 30 days to respond. All supplemental documents and correspondence is to be forwarded to the credentialing administrator’s attention in the Boise office by either email, mail or fax.

    If you are interested in contracting or credentialing with IPN, phone 208-333-1513 or email ipn@ipnmd.com.