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  • History
    Building an association to meet evolving healthcare needs
    Idaho Physicians Network (IPN) was incorporated in 1993 by a group of Boise-area physicians who wanted to play a more decisive role in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment. In December 1998, Primary Health, Inc. (PHI) merged with IPN to become the largest multi-specialty clinic network in southwest Idaho. At the time of the merger, IPN’s association included ninety-six physicians working in seventeen clinics. PHI contracted with an additional 235 physicians to meet the evolving demands of Primary Health Network, a managed care insurance plan, and the 40,000 members who leased that network.

    In 2000, encouraged by a positive market response, IPN made the strategic business decision to become a statewide medical delivery network. Over the next few years IPN continued to add healthcare providers and insurers, eventually becoming the largest independent provider network in Idaho.

    Excellence in network operation and performance was affirmed in 2009 with IPN’s accreditation as the first fully accredited Health Network in Idaho by URAC, an independent national agency that promotes quality improvements in health networks. In that same year, PacificSource acquired Primary Health, Inc. along with sixty percent interest in IPN. Forty percent of IPN’s ownership, however, was retained by independent physician shareholders who wanted to continue to play an active role in the future direction of the organization.

    In 2014, IPN received NCQA Certification in Credentialing and Recredentialing.

    Today, IPN’s statewide network includes physicians from a wide range of practice areas, ancillary providers, provider entities, facilities, and major hospitals.

    Focus on the fundamentals is key to IPN’s steady growth
    Providers contracting with IPN can expect exceptional customer service and support, an efficient contracting and credentialing process, and valuable training supported by educational tools and programs such as newsletters, email bulletins, and provider workshops. Through IPN’s single point of contact, providers have access to more than 30 companies providing healthcare benefit plans including national payors, third-party administrators, and local and state insurers.

    Payors who choose IPN as the network for their members benefit from a stringent credentialing program, flexible contract terms, and efficient claims repricing. More important, IPN offers convenient access to a diversified healthcare network including medical professionals representing the major practice areas and modern hospital facilities. For quality assurance that counts, there is NCQA Certification in Credentialing and Recredentialing.

    IPN’s network enables over 14,000 providers to deliver quality healthcare to more than 150,000 members through effective relationships involving employers, insurance companies, and third-party administrators. IPN revolves around you.