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    IPN offers the products and services that members need

    Provider Panel

    IPN’s network includes facilities and providers representing a wide range of practice areas including medical, behavioral health, and vision. Services are available throughout Idaho as well as Baker and Malheur Counties, Oregon, and Asotin County, Washington. Insurance companies, employers, and other payors may access IPN services through a managed care benefit plan. All contracting payors receive weekly updates and initial full file covering all current panel providers. 

    Claims Repricing

    With EDI Direct Connect, Payors can transmit batched claims in ANSI 837 format to secure FTP sites and receive IPN repricing information on a returned file within 24 hours. This process reduces the time required to reprice claims and saves resources. In addition, IPN can provide a Payor with access to an online repricing system to manually enter claims and receive repricing instantly. The IPN Payor Relations Representative can help you determine the best option(s) for your claim repricing.

    Provider Directory

    IPN offers an online Provider Directory and can provide a printed master directory at no charge to contracted payors.

    View the IPN Participating Provider Directory »

    Access Fees

    IPN offers two access fee structures: (1) Per Employee Per Month (PEPM); or (2) Percent of Savings (POS). Fees are determined by factors such as number of employees and benefit differentials.            

    IPN Branding

    IPN’s logo must appear on member ID cards. High-resolution logo files are available on request.


    IPN provides the following reports to help insurance companies, third party administrators and employers determine if accessing IPN by new members results in any disruption to the current network or loss of potential discounts. 

    • Geo-Access
    • Disruption Report
    • Network Comparison
    • Claims Pricing