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    IPN manages contracting and credentialing 

    IPN is a provider advocate as well as the credentialing authority for many payors, employers, and third-party administrators. Contracted providers are approved for all IPN payors, saving both time and money. IPN manages provider data and communicates changes and updates directly to payors.  

    To join our network, providers must have an active IPN agreement, must be licensed in the state for which services are being provided and must be approved as a credentialed provider according to IPN credentialing criteria.

    Hospital based providers are not required to credential through IPN. To be listed as a hospital based provider, a provider must: provide health care services within an IPN credentialed hospital; have privileges with the hospital; not accept appointments for health care services at the hospital; exclusively see patients who have been directed to the hospital for health care services; and have the credentials MD, DO, DPM, NP, CRNA, CNM, CNS or PA.

    • To obtain an IPN Agreement: Contact IPN
    • To begin the credentialing process: visit Forms to complete an IPN application
    • To add a currently credentialed provider or a hospital based provider to an existing agreement: visit Forms to complete the Provider Information form
    • To see a list of IPN Clients: visit Provider Tools