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    IPN is a provider advocate as well as the credentialing authority for many payors, employers, and third-party administrators. As a result, contracted providers are automatically approved for all IPN payors*, saving you both time and money. What’s more, IPN communicates changes or updates in your status directly to payors on a weekly basis. Further ways IPN revolves around you.

    *some restrictions may apply due to benefits or plan

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    Urgent Care and IPN
    Urgent Care Centers are an important resource for individuals needing immediate but non-emergent services. Providers who are participating with IPN and meet the Urgent Care definition below may send a request to IPN to list the practice name, address and phone number as an Urgent Care location. IPN will not list individual providers, only the location. Please contact IPN to request this listing.

    IPN Urgent Care definition:
    A location, distinct from a hospital emergency room, an office, or a clinic, whose purpose is to diagnose and treat illness or injury for unscheduled, ambulatory patients seeking immediate medical attention, staffed by licensed medical providers, not intended to replace Primary Care Providers and which bills for such services using CMS Place of Service code 20.

    Urgent Care locations may be found on the IPN participating Find a Provider directory search by filtering on "Facilities" or "All Providers" and selecting "Urgent Care Location" from the specialty dropdown list.