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  • Education
    IPN offers resources and training to Participating Providers
    Contracted providers have access to educational resources and staff training that can reduce the likelihood of billing errors with IPN payors. When errors do occur, IPN serves as a vital resource to help you reach a satisfactory resolution.

    IPN resources include:

    • Newsletters: IPN's eConnection is a monthly newsletter intended for office and billing staff to provide updates about IPN contracting, credentialing, payor reimbursement policies and more. 
    • Quarterly Webinars: IPN offers quarterly webinars related to the IPN website, billing procedures and other information to make participation with IPN successful for your practice.
    • Conferences: IPN provides educational presentations annually at the Idaho HealthCare Conferences and is an exhibitor at the Idaho Medical Group Managers (IMGMA) and Idaho Hospital Association (IHA) Annual Conferences.
    • Training: On-site staff education is available from IPN and can be customized to address specific organizational needs.

    IPN's 2021 Idaho Health Care Conference (IHCC) PowerPoint